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Word from Jerusalem 2014

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Latest Edition: December 2014 ICEJ Report: The Timely Message of Christmas

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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem

November - December 2014: Feast Special Report

We have just celebrated another wonderful Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. After every single Feast, people come and say, “This was the best Feast ever!” In many ways it was always true, as God has showed up every year at Sukkot and in unique ways made each Feast special in its own right. But this year was indeed an historic gathering and we sensed that it was a Feast of many breakthroughs.
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WFJ Sep Oct 2014

September - October 2014: The Plight of Middle East Christians

Sadly, few global statesmen are citing the plight of the embattled Christians of the Middle East as sufficient cause for standing up to the jihadists. They are more worried about terror finding its way to Western shores, as it did in 9/11 or the London Underground bombings. The region's Christians have largely been abandoned, just as they have been for decades.
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem Aug 2014

August 2014: The Road to Auschwitz

The road to Auschwitz is not easy. Not for survivors, nor for their descendants, Yad Vashem staff, and the Christians who recently journeyed together to the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka death camps, and the ghettos of Krakow and Warsaw.
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem Jul 14

July 2014: Arise Football Camp in Bethlehem

In early June, ICEJ Arise joined with a local Arab Christian ministry to host a special football camp in Bethlehem for Arab youths, featuring professional soccer players and coaches from Brazil. During the two-day camp, more than 60 Christian and Muslim boys aged 9 to 14 participated in training sessions and matches with Marcos Tavares, a Brazilian striker who today leads the Slovenian national league in goal scoring with top squad NK Maribor.
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem June 2014 edition

June 2014: The Great Ingathering

This issue focuses on the return of the Jewish people back to their homeland. I pray that these pages will serve as a banner to encourage you about God’s covenant faithfulness with Israel. This is a call to action to get involved with God’s prophetic ingathering of the Jewish people in these last days.
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem May 2014

May 2014: Jesus and the Palestinians

For many decades, Evangelical support for Israel seemed rock solid. Today, however, many younger Christians in Western churches are hesitant to give Israel the same unconditional support which their parents did. Stories of Palestinian suffering have attracted the sympathy of young Evangelicals, rather than the struggles and triumphs of Israel.
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WFJ April 2014

Apr 2014: The Restoration of Israel

Throughout Scripture, Israel is promised a last-day restoration in the land. This promise rests on the faithful character of God, that He can be trusted to carry out His promises because He cannot lie. This is especially true if it is a covenant promise sworn to by divine oath.
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ICEJ Word From Jerusalem March 2014

Mar 2014: The Spirit of Elijah

One of the most exciting passages in the Word of God dealing with restoration can be found in the story of the transfiguration of Jesus. Three of his disciples had the privilege of witnessing the appearance of Moses and Elijah and seeing Jesus transfigured, shining like the sun...
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WFJ Feb 2014

Jan/Feb 2014: Restoration

There is no question that we are living in times of restoration. Never before was God so active as in the past century in restoring what needs to be restored. Both Israel and the Church have experienced extended periods of divine restoration. God is surely not at the end of this process, as the Word of God tells us the best is yet to come. These are truly exciting days to be alive....
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WFJ Dec 2013

Dec 2013: Light of the World

As we revisit the Christmas story this holiday season, the Gospel narratives invariably take us back to the humble setting of Christ's birth. Indeed, the Hebrew prophets had foretold that the coming of Israel's promised Messiah-King, the Son of David, would be marked by meekness...
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