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Word from Jerusalem 2013

Archive of our Flagship International Publication

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December 2013 Edition - Light of the World

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WFJ Nov Edition

Nov 2013 - Why We Celebrate the Feast

For Christians attending the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem in late September, there was so much to truly ‘feast’ upon in terms of spiritual nourishment and blessing...
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem Oct 2013

Sep/Oct 2013 - The Paradox of Israel

If you read Romans chapter 3 you might think the Apostle Paul was forgetful or confused. Twice within that chapter he asks the same question: Do the Jews still matter? And yet he responds each time in a different way  - giving two answers that could not be farther from each other...
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WFJ Aug 2013

Aug 2013 - The Troubled Arab World

Two-and-a-half years into the Arab Spring (or “Arab Winter” as some call it), the regional unrest is still gathering steam. While Israel seems to be an island of peace and economic stability, the rest of the Middle East is increasingly chaotic and no one can foresee what the near future will bring...
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WFJ Jul 2013

July 2013 - Reaching the Nations

Reports of the expansion of the ICEJ's ministry on all continents, plus update on Syria by David Parsons and prayer points from the Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign....
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WFJ June 2013

June 2013 - Miracle of Aliyah

There is a serious increase in anti-Semitism in Europe, with neo-Nazis quite active in Hungary......
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Word from Jerusalem

May 2013 - Christian Friends of Yad Vashem

Attending the official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies in Israel gives us a strong reminder of the challenges facing the Jewish people today...
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Word from Jerusalem

April 2013 - Move of God in West Africa

A number of muslim-majority nations in West Africa have been opening up to the work of the gospel and message of Israel...
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Word from Jerusalem

March 2013 - The Great Parallels of Passover

The great theme of the Bible is the fall and sinful nature of humanity and then God’s provision of atonement and reconciliation for humankind through Christ, the Redeemer. Sin has separated us from God, but God’s gift in the resurrected Lord has brought us back near to Him...
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Jan/Feb 2013 - Home at Last

Smiling broadly beneath a bright woollen cap, Ephraim Manlun readily admitted that he was “totally lost" for words.“There’s an unexplainable feeling in our hearts, an overwhelming excitement, emotionally and spiritually”, he said. “For over two thousand years, we’ve been waiting for this moment..."
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