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ICEJ assists with the Rescue flight of Bnei Menashe

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5 Nov 2021
ICEJ assists with the Rescue flight of Bnei Menashe

Their bags were packed, and they were ready to head to the airport. After waiting so long to make Aliyah, their wait was finally over and the anticipation of a new life in Israel filled the air! However, for 26 Bnei Menashe immigrants, this excitement quickly dissipated as soon as Corona tests and other document checks began. Instead, a tangible disappointment replaced their optimism as the rest of their group proceeded with boarding their flight.

A group of 261 Olim (new immigrants) were scheduled to fly to Israel, but instead, 235 landed safely on Israel’s national ‘Aliyah Day’ in October, leaving the 26 others behind.

When it was time to take the mandatory Covid PCR test, it was discovered that little 8-year-old Reuben from Manipur tested positive, resulting in him and his seven relatives having to quarantine in Manipur, while the rest of the group flew to the capital city of New Delhi to obtain their passports and immigration visas from the Embassy of Israel.

While another family also ran into problems with documents required to get their new passports and were only able to receive the needed paperwork after the flight departed.

In addition, the Chongloi family, were also among those left behind after their sweet 9-year-old daughter Liora, tested positive for the Coronavirus. And, right before the scheduled charter flight, another family of five faced their disappointment when two of the children tested positive in New Delhi, sending them all into quarantine.

Suddenly a new challenge arose. How were these five families, longing to reach their homeland, going to fulfil their dream in light of these unexpected difficulties and expenses?

Housing, food, and care for these families was urgently needed until they could board their flight to Israel. When the Christian Embassy was approached to help with these unexpected expenses at short notice, we immediately jumped into action with a call for prayer and support.

Thanks to the wonderful support from our donors around the world, and especially from donors in Norway, the Christian Embassy was able to help cover the much-required costs to bring these precious Bnei Menashe immigrants home to Israel.

Miraculously after their quarantine, the remaining Bnei Menashe immigrants tested negative and were able to board an Air India flight direct to Israel. God had answered our prayers and the group flew over Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan to Ben Gurion airport!

On October 25, the 26 Bnei Menashe immigrants arrived in Israel on an emergency rescue flight sponsored by the ICEJ in cooperation with Shavei Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel.

Within a few days, they were settled into an absorption center, comforted by the feeling of being safe, healthy, and at home!

The Jubilation was evident as this group joined the others who arrived in Israel before them. Ecstatic sounds of laughter and sweet singing filled the air as a stirring version of Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah rang out, melting the hearts of all those listening.

The ICEJ’s work of bringing new Olim to Israel continues, despite the pandemic still raging across the world. Please continue to help the Christian Embassy in bringing the next group of Olim from Ethiopia. These people are finding themselves caught in the middle of a civil war that has progressively become worse over the months. 3,000 Jewish Ethiopians are approved for making Aliyah and are waiting upon the government of Israel to begin their Aliyah in the coming days. Together, let us help these families reach the Promised Land.


VIDEO CREDIT: Michael Freund/Shavei Israel