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Day Four At the Feast 2019

Nov/Dec 2019 WFJ Article

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19 Nov 2019
Day Four At the Feast 2019

Prophetic Promises for the Region
The fourth day of the Feast began with anointed worship and a time of prayer, followed by excellent seminars on Israel and Beginnings still to come. Rev. RT Kendall tackled the timely topic of a godly response to transgenderism and same sex attraction, which rests on the biblical belief that God as Creator made them male and female, and only He assigns gender. “Every generation has the stigma, to test what the Believer is”, Kendall stated. “Are you ready to be embarrassed by your friends, because of what you stand for? We must be ready to be embarrassed and face the stigma.” Daniel Yahav, pastor of Israel’s largest Messianic congregation, delivered a bold message on God’s Word as ultimate truth. Yahav gave a powerful analogy: “The Titanic is sinking and some people are still painting the rails, although the Lord is standing at the gate. However, we lift up our hands because we know He is coming soon and we want to be found faithful.” 

Back to our First Love
Mosy Madugba, National Director for ICEJ-Nigeria, spoke on rediscovering our first love and the power of the Holy Spirit: “Some of you may be saying, ‘I am not praying as I ought to pray. I am not fasting as I ought to fast’. Some of us are growing stagnant in our faith.” He urged attendees to “go back to the beginning where fire fell down… It was in this city where it all began. The baptism of the Holy Spirit took place here.” The Isaiah 19 Highway seminar discussed the Middle East’s anticipated spiritual harvest. Yosef Sarig related what God has showed him regarding highways and borders for us believers: “We are called to be a blessing and this will only happen when we can break down the borders in our hearts.” Milad Khoury, a young Arab Christian believer born in Gaza, yearns to see reconciliation between Jews and Arabs; he stressed the importance of unity and praying for our enemies. Tom Craig, instrumental in bringing the group of Egyptian Christians to this year’s Feast, walked delegates through Isaiah 19 and closed by stating: “This is a time when Jesus is moving powerfully in the Middle East and all over earth to see His kingdom come.”

Feast Bus Tour: A Walk Through Time
By Matthew Stark, Social Media Feast Team, USA

As the bus left Jerusalem headed north, I was curious to visit the controversial, yet biblically significant Judea/Samaria or “West Bank”. A short drive and entry through a small checkpoint, surrounded by watchtowers and barbed wire-topped stone walls, and we were there. Passing Ramallah, administrative capital of the Palestinian Authority, put into perspective the close proximity of the players in this modern-day conflict. Soon after, we stepped into ancient history on the Hill Road, the “Way of the Patriarchs” where Abraham would have travelled. The quiet rolling hills, covered in terrace-farmed olive trees, give no outward indication of the lingering dispute over this territory.

Mount Gerizim overlooks the modern city of Nablus, also under Palestinian control, in the valley where ancient Shechem rested between Gerizim and Mount Ebal (Deuteronomy 11:29). Looking down, we could see Jacob’s well (Genesis 33:18-20) and Joseph’s Tomb (Joshua 24:32). I stood overlooking this nexus of the ancient world in awe. At Shiloh, the path was lined with rich archaeological discoveries: A recreated Byzantine basilica, the orphan mosque of the Mamluk period, and an olive press from the early Islamic period were interspersed with the remains of Jewish mikveh baths, water cisterns and storage for food and grain.
Reaching the top of a hill, archaeological remains of where the Tabernacle once stood lay before us. The twelve tribes would have gathered on these vine-covered hills to meet with the Lord; from the time of Joshua (chapter 18) through Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel, until the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the Philistines in 1 Samuels 4:11. Time and again, I was left awestruck by the profound significance of this land. From Gerizim, to Shiloh, and back to Jerusalem... this tour was a “walk through time” along key locations in Israel’s early history. I highly encourage all future Feast pilgrims to consider investing an afternoon exploring Israel’s rich history through the guided bus tours available each year during ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles. 

Apostle Rene Terra Nova brings "Faithful and True" word
Wednesday night at the Feast of Tabernacles was a time full of worship, dancing, singing and an inspirational word from Apostle Renê Terra Nova of Brazil. Opening the evening was our own Vesna Bühler with a poignant song about the peace of Jerusalem. Then the nations began to pray for the regions of the world led by representatives from the four corners of the earth: Fiji, Liberia, Canada and UK. Local attorney and Messianic leader Calev Myers spoke about the incredible favour that God has placed over Israel’s economy and business sector. “The top three nations with companies listed in NASDAQ are America, China and Israel”, he explained. Eliahana Eli then led the crowd in a powerful performance of intimately singing the word of God back to the Lord, as beautiful white flags waved in the background. Apostle Renê Terra Nova came to the stage with great excitement, passion and authority. “God is working on our character, defining our vision, and our dreams so that He can establish this new beginning in your life”, he declared. “Everything you need, God has already prepared for you.” Pilgrims gathered around the stage as Renê spoke forth in faith: “Today, God will begin something new in your life.

NEW in 2019 ICEJ Academy Makes Debut: By: Aaron Hecht
Feast 2019 saw the launch of the ICEJ Academy, with senior leaders of the ICEJ giving presentations on the history of Christian Zionism, the foundational principles of the movement, its Biblical underpinnings, and the growing relations between Jewish and Christian communities both within Israel and in the nations. They also shared from their own pursuits and experiences both the basic knowledge and practical steps needed to grow the movement and enhance its effectiveness worldwide. Those attending the ICEJ Academy eagerly took notes and engaged both the speakers and each other in dialogue about the material. Many spoke of finishing the sessions with a renewed sense of purpose, and were excited to bring what they had learned back to their home churches and communities and share it with others. The ICEJ looks forward to expanding the ICEJ Academy and making more teaching sessions available in the near future.