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Palestinian Authority Condemns UN Actions

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20 Mar 2017 (All day)
Palestinian Authority Condemns UN Actions
The Palestinian Authority reacted with outrage Sunday following the removal of a report critical of Israel from the website of the UN Economic and Social Commission in Western Asia. The report, which had been blasted by Israel and several Western governments as being blatantly biased against Israel, accused the Jewish State of being an “apartheid regime” among other charges.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ordered commission chairwoman Rima Khalaf to remove the report, prompting her to resign. The PA subsequently issued a statement lauding Khalaf and lamenting that the removal of the report “encourages Israel to continue its policies of occupation, killing, persecution, settlements and racial division.”

Bombing of Israeli Embassy in Argentina Commemorated
Friday saw a somber gathering in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aries to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the terrorist bombing of the Israeli Embassy which killed 29 civilians and wounded 242 others. Iranian agents are widely suspected of being behind the attack, although Argentinian authorities have never managed to arrest any suspects.
Here is a video about the attack

Iran Demanding Exception to JCPOA Clause
Amidst a storm of blisteringly hostile rhetoric from senior Iranian officials aimed at a variety of governments and private interests the clerical regime in Teheran has poor relations with, Iran sent a letter to the UN over the weekend demanding that a clause in the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement be waived. The clause stipulates that Iran transfer stocks of heavy water out of the country if its supply exceeds a certain amount it needs for the production of electricity and medical isotopes, but the official said the numbers Iran previously agreed to are unfair and need to be adjusted.

The Trump Administration in the US has firmly declared it’s refusal to acquiesce to the Iranian demands, and officials at the IAEA said they believed the 130 ton limit to Iran’s stockpile of heavy water stipulated in the JCPOA could be exceeded as early as mid-May.

Archeologists Find Stash of Byzantine Coins
The Israeli Antiquities Authority announced on Sunday that it had uncovered nine well-preserved bronze coins from the 7th Century AD during a routine excavation to make way for an expansion of Route 1, 7 kilometers west of Jerusalem. Archeologists believe that the coins, which are engraved with the image of Byzantine emperors, indicate that a worried resident buried the cache of money during the Persian Sassanid invasion, around 614 AD, hoping to come back and get them when the situation had calmed down.

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