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IDF uncovers massive tunnel near Gaza fence

Four terrorists killed in Gaza City clashes

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IDF uncovers massive tunnel near Gaza fence

The IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) thwarted a terrorist attack that Palestinians had planned to carry out via a terror tunnel, it was revealed on Wednesday. Earlier this week, IDF troops discovered an underground tunnel that had been dug by terror operatives, with its entrance more that a kilometer away from the Gaza security fence. It is believed that the target of the attack was the Karni border crossing into Israel.

It remains unclear whether the tunnel - similar to the one used by Hamas-linked gunmen in June's attack on the IDF outpost in which Cpl. Gilad Shalit was abducted - was intended as a means of infiltrating Israeli territory, or whether it was meant to be rigged with explosives.

Also on Wednesday, IDF forces in Gaza City killed at least four armed operatives, after several Palestinian gunmen and a rocket crew opened fire on the troops. On Tuesday, eight Palestinians were killed in clashes with IDF troops in the Gaza Strip. There were no IDF casualties reported either day.

Meanwhile, a top Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank died at a hospital in Jordan on Wednesday after being shot by IDF troops last week, Palestinian officials reported. Undercover IDF forces in the city of Jenin shot Hussam Jaradat, the West Bank leader of Islamic Jihad's terror wing, on August 23, doctors said.

After treatment at a Palestinian hospital, Jaradat was transferred to a medical facility in Jordan where he died Wednesday, the health officials said. Jaradat had been wanted by Israel for two years and had survived five attempts on his life, Islamic Jihad spokesman said Wednesday.