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IDF HFC Chief Warns of Threat to Civilian Communities

ICEJ Taking Steps to Protect Israeli Civilians

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29 Nov 2018
IDF HFC Chief Warns of Threat to Civilian Communities
IDF Home Front Command chief Maj.-Gen. Tamir Yadai told a conference of local authority leaders this week that the next war will involve large numbers of civilian casualties, straining hospitals and other civilian emergency response infrastructure. Meanwhile, elite IDF units held extensive drills this week in order to prepare for various contingencies they believe will be relevant on future battlefields. “There is no dispute that the threat to the Israeli home front in the next war will be very challenging, especially around the ability to ensure essential services for the civilian population and the resilience of Israeli society,” Yadai said. "The Middle East is organized differently. There is a possibility of launching military campaigns on both the northern and the southern fronts, since we are aware of coordination attempts."

He added that large-scale evacuations of border communities are likely to be necessary in any future conflicts.

Meanwhile, the IDF’s Kfir Brigade wrapped up a series of drills on Thursday. The exercises centered around preparing for scenarios in which they might have to enter the Gaza Strip to engage the Islamist terror militias there, including Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad groups. It was the 11th Brigade sized training exercise carried out by the IDF this year.

Here is a video about what YOUR Embassy in Jerusalem is doing to protect Israeli civlians