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Israeli Tools of Peace Thwart Instruments of War

The ICEJ Suplies All-terrain Firefighting Trailers

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A Big Thank You from Israel’s Frontline                 

Thanks to help from Christians like you from all over the world, Israel's frontline communities in the Gaza Envelope are holding up with determination.

They Know How to Fight the Fires – They Just Need the Right Tools
Over 1,000 arsons have been lit in the Eshkol region alone in the last couple of months informs Elan Isaacson, Security Chief for the Eshkol Region, which is one out of five Israeli municipalities bordering the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. In the meantime, the ICEJ has been able to supply 17 state-of-the-art firefighting trailers with high-pressure water dispensers, which can douse fires before they grow into destructive blazes.

“We know the terrain. We know how quickly to get to the fires. We are able to extinguish small to medium fires without any help and that has a lot to do with all the 17 trailers that were supplied very, very quickly in the last couple of months. Thank you very much ICEJ from Eshkol region.”

Your help has made a huge difference in how these local communities are able to persevere through ongoing challenges. Thank you!

Repurposed Agricultural Sprayers – Peaceful Defense
An Israeli company has repurposed agricultural sprayers into effective firefighting trailers that can handle almost any type of terrain. The company has also pushed the firefighting trailers up to the front of the production queue because they know how badly the trailers are needed. Now Israelis have a way of actively protecting their lands despite destructive attacks by incendiary balloons and arson kites. 

Your Help is of Great Value
This has value both in material and psychological terms: Materially, the local and national economy can limit the loss of crops; psychologically, the citizens of the region know that they are able to act and that the outside world is aware of their struggles.

Please continue to stand with us also in the future as we help protect the frontiers of Israel.