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Emergency Appeal to Help Israel

Like so many other nations at present, the Coronavirus threat has had a huge impact on Israel. The economy is reeling as unemployment has jumped from 4% to over 22% in the last three weeks. Tourism has flatlined and now the hi-tech sector is taking a big hit. Even the main outdoor shouks in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are shuttered.

And Israel is now entering the Passover season under the cloud of this modern-day plague. More than 50% of families in the large city of Ashdod have asked for social aid to help them through the Passover holidays.

So our support for the Jewish people is more important than ever. We know your nation is impacted by this global health crisis as well, but we are asking all those who love Israel to give your best gift in this time of crisis and believe in God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel.

Despite the current lockdown in Israel, the ICEJ has some 20 staff members who have permission to leave their homes to feed and assist Holocaust survivors and other elderly Israelis. We also are forging ahead with a number of Passover aid projects to help new immigrants and other needy Israeli families. So in this time of crisis, we are still your hands and feet in Israel!

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Ethiopian Aliyah at Passover

Last week, the ICEJ sponsored another flight of 72 Ethiopian Jews coming home to Israel. But they arrived amid the Coronavirus threat and had to immediately go into a 14-day quarantine. And now the Passover is approaching and their first celebration of this holiday in the Promised Land will happen under very difficult circumstances. Instead of a big communal Pessach seder meal like in this video from last year, this time they will have to mark this biblical holiday while confined to their rooms in an absorption center.

The ICEJ has committed to providing these Ethiopian Jewish families and many other new immigrants to Israel with the means to celebrate this Passover. Our assistance will include traditional foods, basic necessities, games and toys for the children, and other holiday items. They have arrived in a new country at a time of great hardship and need our help!

Thank you for helping us fulfill their dreams of starting over in the Jewish homeland. And thank you for standing with the ICEJ as we continue to comfort the people of Israel during the Coronavirus crisis.

Please give your timely and generous gift today to help us provide Passover packages for new immigrants who have just arrived in Israel:

Giving Help & Hope this Passover!

One of the most meaningful projects that the ICEJ takes part in each year is the Passover packing event held at our Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors. Each spring, Christians from our staff join with Jewish survivors to pack holiday gift boxes with food and other essentials for needy Israeli families at Passover.

However, due to the Coronavirus threat, we were not able to pack Passover boxes with our dear friends at the Haifa Home this year, in order to ensure their safety. Even so, we are glad to report that we will still be able to fill and deliver holiday baskets to hundreds of deserving Jewish families well in time for Pessach! The health rules to contain the virus have limited movement all across the country, but we are still finding a way to provide for many Jewish households at this special holiday season.

We hope you enjoy this video from last year's Passover packing event. And we invite you to bless Israeli families this Passover season, even in the midst of the Corona crisis!

Please give a timely and generous gift today to help us supply Passover packages to needy Israelis.

Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled….Even During A Pandemic?

Can God's Word be fulfilled even in a time of global shaking?...Absolutely!

Normally Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is a vibrant place filled with welcome signs, balloons and the sound of cheers as people reunite with their loved ones. But lately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the airport has been empty... really empty. But on March 22nd, twenty-six Russian Jewish immigrants with ICEJ sponsored flights took a brave step to start their new lives in Israel! Even in these uncertain times, ICEJ is honored to be a part of Biblical prophecy in bringing God’s people back to the promised land.

We can see even in these challenging times that God’s word never fails! As for the new immigrants that just arrived, they may not be able to gather together to celebrate Passover, but we know their hearts are full of gratitude to finally be home in Israel! Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of a modern-day miracle. 

Join us in making these new immigrants feel welcome to their new home by providing Passover packages to help them celebrate Passover in a special way, even in this midst of this pandemic:

ICEJ Update from Jerusalem on Coronavirus

Dear Friends of the ICEJ,

I do hope and pray you are safe and in good health. The global shaking over the Coronavirus is impacting every nation on earth, and I’m sure you have felt it in some way. Just know that we are praying for you… that all of us will emerge from this crisis with our lives and families intact, and with our faith and trust in God stronger than ever.

I also want to update you on what is happening here in Israel. As of last night, the country is now in a seven-day lockdown. You can still get to the grocery store or doctor, but otherwise we must stay home. This morning, March 23, the Ministry of Health announced that at 8:00 the coronavirus was confirmed in 1238 Israelis, one died, and 37 were completely cured. Hundreds of infected people easily tolerate the disease, 34 people are in a state of moderate severity, 24 are in serious condition.


Of these patients, 464 are hospitalized and 120 are in specially refurbished hotels, used as places for those infected who have a mild illness.We are praying that no one more will die here from this plague, just as when the death angel passed over the Israelites some 3500 years ago.


Of course, this health crisis has impacted our ministry here at the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. Our staff must now work from home and we are managing to continue our projects and activities as we go forward. But this crisis also presents new opportunities for our ministry, and we want to let you what we were able to do so far.

First, our volunteer team in Haifa has been helping to feed and care for Holocaust survivors and other elderly people confined to their homes. Their courageous efforts have been covered by all the Israeli TV channels. And Prime Minister Netanyahu even mentioned it in his daily briefing on the current health threat. You can find videos on these latest developments on our Facebook page at

We also packed food boxes this week here at our Jerusalem headquarters and delivered them to the elderly and disabled patients cared for by our ICEJ nursing team.

This coming week, we also were planning to pack food boxes for front-door delivery to thousands of senior citizens who must remain in their homes to avoid getting infected by the virus. We are hoping to still be allowed to do that. Otherwise, we are providing financial support for this and other urgent projects, which will be carried out by those authorized to leave their homes and care for the elderly.

Besides all that, we are continuing to sponsor Aliyah flights for Jewish families who are still arriving in Israel even amid this global crisis. They are now required to also enter a two-week quarantine, and the Jewish Agency is looking for our assistance with this added phase of their immigration as well.

The restrictions on movement are tight here. But we will work within the limitations to help Israelis as much as we can in this troubling time that is confronting the whole world.

As we all know by now, the biggest danger is to the elderly and others with weak immune systems. They must stay in their homes and face their fears alone. Here in Israel, many of these elderly are Holocaust survivors who have already had enough trauma in their lives. We want to be there for them.

And after 40 years of ministry here, we know it is in difficult times like these when our efforts to bless and comfort Israel count the most.

So we hope you and your family are coping well with this ordeal and are using it to draw closer to the Lord. And remember us in your prayers, as we continue to reach out to the people of Israel on your behalf. Hopefully, this crisis will end soon. But we need your support at this time, when it can truly help those facing this Coronavirus threat alone.

So please give to our Israel in Crisis fund today by clicking the link below.

And may I wish you a warm Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!

Dr Jürgen Bühler 
ICEJ President

Join with us today in standing with Israel in this time of crisis!

No Fear in Love

1 John 4:18 says, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear..."

In response to the fear and chaos the Coronavirus has brought worldwide, ICEJ is bringing love and comfort to the Jewish people here in the land of Israel in the midst of this crisis.

As demonstrated in this video, our ICEJ team at the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors is taking action by delivering packages of food and other essentials right to the doorsteps of Holocaust Survivors, the elderly, and others confined to their homes. The ICEJ is partnering with local charities to help those in quarantine all across Israel in this unusual time of need.

Join us today in showing God's love and care to the Jewish people. Thank you for standing with Israel, even as your own nation deals with the Coronavirus threat.

Give today to the ICEJ’s “Israel in Crisis”

It's Time to Spring into Passover!

Spring is almost here in Israel, which means it is time to prepare for the Passover season! Passover is a meaningful holiday where the Jewish people recall God's faithfulness of delivering them from Egypt and bringing them into the Promised Land. The Passover season blends together a serious time of preparation and reflection together along with a time of great joy and hope.

Over the next few weeks, we will explain how the people of Israel celebrate Passover, the deep significance of this holiday for us as believers, and how your support through the ICEJ has impacted many lives here in Israel during this special time of year!

It's time to spring into the preparations of Passover, so are you ready to help the Jewish people enjoy an unforgettable Passover season?

Bless Jewish Families This Passover!

Behind the Scenes with Feast Chaplain Mark Starbuck

What does it take to produce an exciting event with 6,000 delegates from over 100 nations - all coming to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles?

Well, it requires many miracles from God, and one of those miracles is the 200 servant-hearted Feast Team Members who come each year from around the world to Jerusalem to help with all of the planning and behind-the-scenes details that go into this annual six-day celebration!

In this video, Pastor Mark Starbuck shares from his experience as Feast Chaplain, about the vital role each team member plays within the Feast. We hope this video inspires you to join us this year in Jerusalem as a Feast Team Member as the ICEJ Celebrates 40 Years of God's Faithfulness as a ministry! 

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Joy - Eddie James Ministries

At last year's Feast of Tabernacles, Eddie James and his young team gave shouts of JOY to the Lord on the shores of the Dead Sea at Ein Gedi.

Kenzie Kaitlin of Eddie James Ministries shared her testimony about how Jesus has changed her life. She shared about her battle with severe depression, which led to drinking, a drug overdose, and living in different psychiatric wards. It was in this low place that God met her, and she finally submitted her life to God. This was Kenzie's past, and now she sings about God's joy, love, and power. Kenzie exclaimed with so much joy, "I'm just so in love with Jesus, and I am changed."

Watch this video to hear more of Kenzie's testimony and to shout a joyful noise to the Lord with the Eddie James band! Sign up today!

Joshua Aaron's Rendition of "Hineh Ma Tov"

Israeli singer and song writer Joshua Aaron sang a new rendition of a traditional Hebrew song, "Hineh Ma Tov". This song, based on Psalm 133, explains the beauty of God's people dwelling together. This song and several others led to a powerful time of worship at last year's Feast of Tabernacles opening night at Ein Gedi.

Watch this video and hear Joshua Aaron explain more about the heart behind this song. Then, sit back and enjoy this upbeat and delightful worship music!

If you enjoyed this Feast worship music, we invite you to join us this year at the Feast of Tabernacles 2020 "Prepare the Way" here in Jerusalem! Sign up today!