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2014 Year in Review

A look back at what we did together

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As we reflect on all of the challenges Israel faced this year, we are grateful for the ways our supporters around the glode responded and partnered with us to meet those challenges.

Here are a few of the highlights:



We provided various levels of assistance to nearly 1,000 Ukrainian Jews as they made the desperate journey home to Israel. In response, Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency, wrote a personal letter of thanks to the ICEJ. 

We also funded the trips for more than 600 Bnei Menashe Jews from Northern India to come home to Israel. One thousand Bnei Menashe Jews have now made Aliyah thanks to the help of Christians worldwide.



The people of Israel faced numerous crises this year from the 4,000 rockets fired at them from Gaza, to the recent spate of terrorist attacks. The Christian Embassy provided portable bomb shelters, day outings for those Israelis living in danger of the missiles, and contributed towards their care and future well-being of the victims of terror attacks.

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sent a letter of thanks to the ICEJ, and we received unprecedented coverage in the Hebrew press which let the entire country of Israel know that Christians were helping them and standing with them during those very difficult days.




We expanded our Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors adding a new recreation room, a much needed elevator, and a new kitchen. Food no longer has to be brought in from the outside, and trained cooks now provide three hot meals a day.

However, there are still some 1,000 needy survivors on a waiting list to live in the Home so we must act quickly and do everything we can to expand the home and its services. Time is very short as each year some 20,000 survivors pass away.



In a year with increased instability in the region and a major war fought with Hamas, ICEJ Arise had one of the largest summer tours in years and young adults from all over the globe poured in to discover Israel and strengthen their faith.

Arise was also able to participate in local projects such as sporting events to promote reconciliation and spread the love of Christ in the land.



It is obvious that the coming year is going to be filled with many more of the same types of crises for us to respond to and pray about. We certainly need your partnership in prayer and financial support to meet these challenges.

We need to assist more Jews fleeing Ukraine as well as France where anti- Semitism is at a very high level. We need to expand the Haifa Home to accommodate more survivors, and we need to assist Israeli victims of terror, letting them know there are millions of Christians standing with them in love and in prayer.

Would you please send a special year-end gift so we can continue and even expand our strategic outreach to Israel in 2015?


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